Stop wasting $21K per year to unproductivity.

Do you really need to pay money to go somewhere outside of the house to work?

Let's do the math:

On average, it's said that we waste 20% of our work day. That’s 1.6 hours PER DAY!

If you charge $50/hour, that means you are losing:

  • $80 every day.
  • $400 Every Week.
  • $1,740 Every Month
  • $20,880 Every Year. To unproductivity.
  • That’s serious money.

But let's say you become 30 minutes a day more productive because you are working in an office environment outside of the home away from the kids (without having to pay for that expensive latte!).  

That means you just saved $652/mo, and with BHive’s great pricing on our Unlimited Package, that means you’re pocketing an extra $353 per month.

And that’s if you only save 30 minutes a day… we bet it turns into more!

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